"Floating Room" now opening

One of the aspects that we take care of with greater attention and that we put to the first place in our activity it is the comfort of our guests. We are always searching new elements to enrich our offers and to contribute to add further value to the experience that is possible to make at Palazzo Gattini Hotel.
A very important novelty enriches our offer SPA, the guests and the visitors now can dive into the “swim-pull of float therapy” and having an experience that gives relax and relaxation to their body and their mind.
In “swim-pull of float therapy” we melt 250 sulfate kgs of magnesium a component which allows an easier floating and make pour guests to abandon himself completely and in total calm to the strength and the power of the water.

The architectural context in which the tub is situated is suggestive: it is a cistern where the silence, the slim light and a sense of warm reception predominate in a warm and pleasant environment which favors, stimulates and reconciles the sense of abandonment:
In this place and with the body fully immerged in the water it is possible for our guests to reach a state of deep intimacy, to feel their own cardiac pulsation and to perceive the ancestral feeling of protection as if he were inside the maternal amniotic fluid.

Cave Floating Room - "Zero Gravity" Special Offer

- Spa Kit (bathrobe, slippers, air cap, towel, ear plugs, eye mask)

- Herbal Tea

- Floating Room (35')

- Soft Goodbye Massage (15')

Special Offer 70,00 € per person

"Start Up" Offer 3 Appointments 150,00 €

We can’t do anything better than recommending you to try our “swim-pull of float therapy” as soon as possible!