Alternative ways to discover Matera and Basilicata

If you are a curious traveler and if you like to explore not just the most popular places of a region but many other less known and nevertheless very interesting locations, we propose you some activities that will enrich your stay in Matera and that will allow you to live your journey in Basilicata in a very special way!

One of the best ways for a full immersion in Matera’s territory and the area “murgiana” is the cycle tourism. You will cycle through Puglia and Basilicata. The itinerary can be a thematic one. You can also choose the level of difficulties in distances, destinations and duration of your cycle tours.

As we always say, in order to know a territory is important to know also the products of the local enogastronomy and to taste its foods and wines. There are tour agencies that propose itineraries that will make you to visit our region and also to “taste” a little bit of it!

Don’t forget the trekking tours! Excursions in particular areas of the Basilicata region as for instance the Park of Pollino. These trekking / walking tours are usually proposed with different levels of difficulty in order to allow a vast range of tourists to choose the trekking / walking route that better suits their physical conditions and, above all, without getting them tired.
If you like trekking and walking tours probably you will like to take part in the third edition of Murgialonga, held on 2 June. It is a walking tour through the Murgia Park of Matera. The registration si already opened. So, hurry up!

If you are looking for personalized tour experiences in the city of Matera and around its territory and if you are attracted by one of the activities that we have already suggested then we recommend you the agency Ferula Viaggi, that will help you to find the best activity for you and the best place where to go.