Alvino 1884 Hotels & Resort: a new luxury tourist accommodation in Matera

The historical and urban characteristics of Matera’s buildings, the presence of different typologies of architectural styles and the diverse places’ functionality correlated to the social class of the occupants, offer different solutions to the architects that want to convert into tourist accommodation the ancient buildings which in the past were noble families’ houses, places where to carry out public duties or to celebrating religious cults or, in modern times, to process the manufacturing of various products.

Thanks to this rich variety of real estates, Matera’s buildings are different from each other and therefore they can be used for several purposes: to hosts events, to organize business meeting, to celebrate special occasions or for parties. On the very top of Matera’s tourist accommodations we find a new entry: Alvino 1884 Hotels & Resort, an ancient building whose history is strictly connected to Matera’s same history and, in particular to the cultivation and the procedure of processing the wheat.

The Alvino Mill: a bit of history

The Alvino Mill was, as its same name suggests, an ancient pasta factory where the grain was ground and then processed.
The Mill, built between 1884 and 1885, was designed on commission of the Alvino family, by Leonardo Ridola with the purpose to realize a steam – mill factory for the production of pasta and bread.
The building structure was made of 27 rooms distributed over three floors and in the inside space of the building there was a mill, a mechanical pasta factory and facilities for the bread production: the purpose of the whole productive activity of the mill was to make of it a reference point in the city for processing the durum wheat cultivated on Matera hills and to making an excellent pasta from it.
The Alvino pasta factory was, therefore, a modern family company organized for processing high quality grain products to be exported in the neighboring areas.

The ownership of the Alvino mill has had many twists and turns, but the mill has always represented one of the most emblematic symbols of Matera milling activity until the 80’s of the last century when it was decommissioned and abandoned.

Alvino 1884 Hotels & Resort: tourist accommodation

Alvino 1884 Hotels & Resort is located on the ancient road of St. Vitus that was and still now is one of the oldest entries to the city of Matera.
The whole Alvino 1884 project, signed by the architect Ettore Mocchetti (director of the magazines "Traveller" and "Condé Nast Italy"), has strongly been wanted by the entrepreneur Nicola Benedetto and it constitutes an accurate job of recovery, an important example of restauration of an abandoned industrial real estate and an exemplary intervention of regeneration of an urban area that up until few years ago was extremely deteriorated.
The Alvino 1884 Hotels & Resort has now comfortable spaces both for luxury tourist accommodation and hosting public and private cultural events, shows and various musical events and yet weddings and business meetings.
The Alvino 1884 spaces both indoor and outdoor have been restored and provided with facilities for meetings, wellness and SPA area and an outdoor swimming pool, being all of these amenities meant just with the purpose to provide the guests with additional services and to making their permanence as comfortable as unique.

Alvino 1884 Hotels & Resort belongs to the same ownership of Palazzo Gattini and derives from the same wish to restore historical real estates and to give them a fresh and contemporary feel.
So now we are glad and proud to introduce Alvino 1884 to you and to make available to you its luxury facilities and high quality services.

Enjoy the swimming pool

Enjoy Alvino Relais from June to Semptember!