Big news for Easter 2019: Matera Smart Pass

Is there anything more “smart” than a card that allows you to visit some of the most important places of a city? If this card can also be easily bought and it’s easy and convenient to use, then here it is the perfect solution for you not to miss one single event of Matera’s biggest attractions!
The starting of Easter festivities and the purpose to subsequently enrich the tourist offer in this extraordinary year 2019 has been the occasion for launching the “Matera Smart Pass" card: a ticket specifically meant for everybody who wants to visit the city without missing a single attraction!

"Matera Smart Pass": visiting Matera

The "Matera Smart Pass" is a combined ticket that allows you to benefit from special services and to visit places and museums where you can learn all about the most important phases of Matera’s history.
The combined ticket costs € 29,00 (instead of € 33,00 – which is the total amount that you will spend if you buy the single tickets one by one). Thanks to the "Matera Smart Pass" you will explore further aspects of the city, discover the peculiarities of the most typical ancient civilizations through the works and the personal experiences of artists that have been in a special touch with Matera and lived in a close contact with the city and its inhabitants.
"Matera Smart Pass" is a new innovative project that is widening the partners’ net and allows to offer discounts and useful promotions to the visitors and also to satisfy their desire of knowledge.

What you can see: attractions and museums

Sightseeing bus: the best way to discover the city and to enjoy the mild spring temperatures that, usually characterize the Easter week end and the festivities from April 25 - May 1. A scenic tour to explore the Matera Murgia hill and to discover the details of the main phases of the human prehistoric settlements.

Hypogeum Materasum: not everybody knows that it exists also an underground Matera: houses, channels, various architectural environments and water cisterns completely dug into the rock under the city. Those vast underground excavations testify the human presences’ stratifications in the city. A way to know much furtherly the origins of Matera, one of the most ancient cities of the world.

The Vico Solitario Cave dwelling: it’s another “patch” to know the city of Stones and the living habits and costumes that have characterized the last phase of the human settlements in the two historical neighborhoods of Matera. The typical house is furnished according to the uses of the ancient times that preceded the evacuation and the depopulation of the Matera old neighborhoods that happened in the 1950’. Visiting the house you will see the furniture and the authentic utensils of the period in which it was inhabited.

Musma: Museum of Contemporary Sculpture, a unique place where you can find the works of the most important contemporary art sculptors. The Museum itself is a very interesting historical place since it is also a noble family building Palazzo Pomarici, constructed in the 16 th Century right in the center of Matera’s Sassi. The exhibit environments are alternatively big caves dug in the rock and regular rooms decorated with stuccoworks. It’s a very particular place where you find a perfect symbiosis between sculptures and exhibit environments.

The José Ortega House: it’s another unique landscape context located in the heart of the Matera Sassi (with a breathtaking view on the Murgia Hill). Visiting the house that testifies the history of the long residence time in Matera of the Spanish artist Josè Ortega you can admire the collection of paintings made by Ortega during his stay in Matera.

"Matera Smart Pass": how to purchase it
You can easily buy it and use it:

  • - the Card is on sale on line: just click on this link and follow the instructions;
  • - the Card is personalized so it’s necessary to register the biographical data for each applicant;
  • - the Card has a validity of 3 days, so when you buy it it’s necessary for you to specify the date of your arrival in Matera or the date from which you want to start to benefit from the services offered by the card.

Once purchased the Matera Smart Card, you will receive by email a PDF document and in within a QR Identification Code of your pass (or with more QRs Codes in case you have purchased more than one card). Showing the QR Code to the box-office of each of the attractions you will have access to the service.

Do you have any programs for Easter 2019? Are you looking for a city rich in culture and events, where you can spend the festivities from April 25 - May 1? Do you want to benefit from this promising spring? So why you don’t get a few days of vacation? It’s simple!
Just contact us and book a room at Palazzo Gattini Luxury Hotel: we will give you all the information to know the city and to use in the best way possible the "Matera Smart Pass."