Galleries and Museums: Big News From Matera's Museum Scene

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We would like to give you an idea of the museums, art galleries, exhibitions and permanent collections which are available now for virtual viewing but which you can visit later during your stay in Matera.

"La Casa di Ortega" (TheOrtega's House)

Opened in 2014, “La Casa di Ortega“ is housed in a 17th-century palace which is located in the Sasso Barisano. The famous Spanish artist Josè Ortega was the owner of the palace which his heirs donated to Fondazione Zétema.
Boasting a wonderful blend of architectural styles, landscapes and works of art, “La casa di Ortega” is one of Matera's landmarks where Josè Ortega lived and worked in the seventies. "La Casa di Ortega" also houses a beautiful art gallery where all the Ortega’s papier-mâché artworks are displayed.

"Vicinato a pozzo" (Neighbourhood centred upon a common well)

Dedicated to the continuous presence of inhabitants in Matera, the “Vicinato a pozzo” project is set up in the Rione Malve, an area of the Sassi district where you can have a feeling of how was the daily life in the Sassi. Documents, short videos, interactive stagings and exhibitions show the surrounding area of the Murgia high-plateau and the history of Matera. The “Vicinato a pozzo” is a typical neighbourhood of the Sassi of Matera which consists of many cave-dwellings centred upon a common well.

Museum of Madonna della Bruna

The Festa della Bruna is the main festival of the town of Matera. Many events take place on the 2nd July and it’s very difficult to describe the atmosphere of the city, the passion of local people as well as the frenzy of the climax event, which is the ritual destruction of the papier-mâché float. The “Museum of Madonna della Bruna” is a multimedia and interactive museum giving its visitors the unique chance to experience the exciting events of the Festival.

Salvador Dalí - The Persistence of the Opposites

Salvator Dalí is a well known artist whose artworks are admired all over the world because of their uniqueness and unconventional style, thereby ranging from painting, sculpture, design up to drawing.
The exhibition “Salvador Dalí - The Persistence of the Opposites” was one of the most popular exhibitions set up within the framework of Matera as the 2019’s European Capital of Culture. Thanks to its success, the exhibition will be opened until the end of 2020.
Moreover, the exhibition is housed in a unique rock-hewn comprising the Church of Madonna delle Virtù and San Nicola dei Greci which are examples of architecture which is carved out of the limestone.
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