Matera enchants Sharon Stone

Charity events and guests of honor: Sharon Stone at Palazzo Gattini

On September 12 our Terrace 8Palazzo Gattini) has been the scenery for a supper of beneficence promoted by the Foundation "The city of the peace for the Children of Basilicata" of which Betty Williams, Nobel prize for the Peace, is the President. To this event they took part exponents of the political and entrepreneurial world that have contributed to the raise funds to destine to the refugees that escape to Italy.
Exceptional guest of the evening has been Mrs. Sharon Stone who reached Matera on personal invitation of Betty Williams. The presence of the American actress has strongly been wanted by Betty Williams so that their voices were united in standing for the respect of the rights of the migrant ones.

On September 13 both have visited the structures managed by the Foundation where refugees and applicants are hosted and sheltered.
At was a very strong signal from a Nobel Prize and of an actress of international fame in a period in which the matter of the migrant ones is putting in discussion the principles themselves on which the European union founds itself and, in some cases, we see some European nations constructing new walls not to host immigrants which is in deep contrast with the principles of a Nation Sheltering program for political refugees.
On our behalf we express solidarity to the initiatives of the Foundation "The city of the peace for the Children of Basilicata" and we are honored to have been able to give our support in the organization and in the management of this evening of beneficence.

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