Palazzo Gattini hosted a prestigious rally of vintage cars

"Via Flaminia" is a Dutch association that organizes cars' rally in different cities of Europe. The final goal of this cars' rally is not to win the competition but to live an unforgettable experience.
The organizer Burt Klyne, loves particularly Italy, as confirms the name "Via Flaminia" he has chosen for his association that periodically organizes rallies in different countries but particularly in the beautiful Italian country with the final goal to know more about our history, food, natural landscape and architectural characteristics.
The cars competition's rules are some complicated, because the final victory is not what makes the participants to take part to rally. One of the definitions of this demonstration is "Rally with a smile", and one of its main goals is to combine the discovery of unique places, the good food and the pernottamentis in receptive structures of quality.

The recent rally, that took place in the end May, has involved different competitors, in prevalence Belgians and Dutch, and the vintage cars from Verona have reached Puglia passing through Matera. Apulia as final arriving city has been selected for allowing the participants to know the beauties that characterize its territory as the Trulli, the olive-groves, the sea and the wonderful beaches.
Before reaching Apulia the happy group of automobiles drivers has stopped in Matera the city of Sassi chosen also for the notoriety it has acquired in the last years. So from May 23 -28, a group of vintage cars has crossed the streets of the city of Stones and some of the participants have stayed at Palazzo Gattini that took of them a very special care letting them to discover all of our historical, architectural and culinary aspects.
For us to meeting these drivers has been one of the most interesting experiences we ever did!

Photo credit: Via Flaminia

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