Palazzo Gattini is happy to welcome pets

Looking for a weekend away or something longer in Matera with your four-legged friend? Don’t worry about finding dog-friendly accommodation: Palazzo Gattini is happy to welcome pets.

Travelling with Four-Legged Friends

Not only are dogs and pets an integral part of your family, but also in everything you do or any decisions you make, you consider the presence of your dog and pets. This is commonly true in the case of visiting a city: you always want to make sure that your four-legged friend must come along because you miss your dog when it is not around and you long for their presence whenever you’re apart.
Palazzo Gattini is a pet friendly hotel. We are very happy to welcome your dogs as we are happy to welcome your family.

Accoglienti e ospitali con tutti

Your best friend is our best friend!
We welcome your dogs providing them with nothing but a comfortable space and a welcome kit. In your booked room you will find two bowls, a dog biscuit, a comfortable pillow and a half liter of water at room temperature.
On request, our kitchen can cook special food for your pets and our trustworthy dog sitter can take care and walk them while you are doing something special, such as enjoying a SPA treatment.
Finally, we have contact with veterinarians working in Matera.

Looking for a short break, a relaxing weekend, a cultural trip, or simply a getaway with your pet friends? We have a “Short-Break” special rate, it is valid to 31 October 2020.
Get in touch with us for further information.

Photo Credit: Visit Matera