Palazzo Gattini on the Financial Times

A day doesn't pass that someone doesn’t speak of Matera. The same thing can be said of our hotel, Palazzo Gattini that plays always a key role in the personalized tourist projects aimed both to make our guests to discover the city of the Stones and to make them to live a unique experience.

Matera on the Financial Times

The Financial Times writes about Matera.
In his long article “La dolce vita on a road trip in Puglia e Basilicata”, published in the Financial Times on April 24 th, Horatio Clare has described the travel experience he did with his family to the discovery of Matera and the nearby areas of Apulia and Basilicata.
The trip has not been an ordinary experience aimed to visit sites and cities of historical and cultural interest as “Il Palombaro Lungo” , the ancient “Casa Cava” or the Magna Graecia area of Metaponto, but Mr. Clare did a tour specifically planned by the tour operator Red Savannah just to allow the journalist and his family to do a full immersion in the context of the Lucania Region.
To visit the Basilicata, in this occasion, has been an opportunity to take part to activities aimed to acquire special knowledges, like to learn and practice how to make the “orecchiette” (local typical pasta).

Palazzo Gattini, a dream stay!

Mr. Clare’s trip has been organized by the agency Red Savannah specialized in customized luxury travels, designed and planned for satisfying the demands of all its clients.
The tour operator Red Savannah chose 3 luxury hotels and Palazzo Gattini is the one that Horatio Clare and his family experienced during their permanence in Matera.
The days spent in our hotel have made a dent in our guests that liked very much the historical and cultural characteristics of Palazzo Gattini.
Horatio Clare and his family were, in a certain sense, truly captured by the atmosphere of the Palazzo whose aura is made by being in past the residence of a Matera noble family, and in more recent times the hotel chosen by special and various guests like Sharon Stone and the Dalai Lama.
Horatio, in his article spared no details to describe our hotel and the aspects that he better liked.

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