Palazzo Gattini: reopening on 10 July!

We will reopen on 10 July!
We have dedicated a lot of time in defining what we can do to make our hotel as comfortable and safe as possible to protect our people and all who choose to stay with us. At the same time we have dedicated time in setting up a newness to provide the perfect stage for unforgettable moments.

An Endlessly Beautiful Swimming Pool for your Unforgettable Moments

The amazing outdoor swimming pool of Alvino 1884 Hotel & Resort is waiting for you! We think that enriching experiences are the essence of everyday life, so if you book a stay at Palazzo Gattini you will be allowed to spend your time on request in this quiet, private and endlessly beautiful place. Furthermore, even if you and all of us take responsible actions to stop the spread of COVID-19, our team will help you lead an effortless lifestyle, far away from the crowds.

Safety Guidelines and Hygienic Measures

We will reopen on 10 July!
We are still ready to care for each other, take responsible actions to stop the spread of COVID-19, and protect our staff and all of you.
The safety of you and our staff is more important than ever, therefore, on the one hand we have developed hygienic measurements that guarantee you will have a worry-free time when staying with us. On the other hand, we want to continue to offer a comforting and enjoyable experience to all of our guests.
We have implemented enhancements to our health and safety procedures. Furthermore we have embarked on an important collaboration with Teamwork and we reached a Secure Clean Hotel Certification that validate our health and safety program and provide real-time guidance on the evolving COVID-19 situation.

The Measures of Our Staff

Measuring the temperature is important to recognize the symptoms of COVID-19, therefore everyday we will check the body temperature of our employees. If someone is up to 37,5° C he or she will not let in Palazzo Gattini.
Furthermore, our employees will work using protective equipment, such as personal masks.

Reservations and Check-in

First of all, half of our rooms will be allowed to be reserved and we will use a simple and fast check-in.
Furthermore, we will check and write down the body temperature of all of our guests.

Rooms and Common Places

Every room will be disinfected when the guests leave.
Our staff will provide the disinfection of the public spaces, such as elevators or corridors, and of door handles or tables.
In the common rooms we will provide all necessary cleaning products.

SPA and Wellness Treatments

SPA and wellness treatments will need reservation. Furthermore, we will not let in more than one person. The SPA staff will disinfect the spaces, the surfaces and all the objects at the end of each treatment.
The employees will wear plastic gloves, personal masks and protective visors.

“Le Bubbole” Restaurant

Concerning “Le Bubbole” Restaurant, at the first, all the waiters will wear personal masks. Furthermore, we arranged a new special menù and we need a reservation to let you in.
Finally we are managing the restaurant spaces in order to keep the distance of 1,5 meters between each person.

We are ready!
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