Romantic Getaway to Matera: Take Advantage of Our Special Offer

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.
If you are on the lookout for something special take advantage of our special offer for people in love: “Romantic getaway to Matera”.
Until 31 March 2020 you can book a cheap and pleasant couple's stay at Palazzo Gattini Luxury Hotel.

Matera offers lovers many ways to express their emotions. It goes without saying that Matera is the ideal place to make Valentine’s Day, or romantic getaways, amazing days.
We collected some ideas for the most loved-up day of the year or for a romantic getaway.

5 Romantic Things to Do with Your Beloved in Matera

Romantic Dinner

Whether it's Valentine's Day, date night, or just another week day, take your loved one to a delicious and romantic dinner at a posh restaurant like “Le Bubbole”, guaranteed to provide an atmosphere that says “love”.
It goes without saying that “Le Bubbole” is the ideal restaurant to make couple's dinners unforgettable.

SPA Break for Couples

Spend quality time with your loved one and involve him/ her in a relaxing day. A SPA break for time-pressed couples is a way to avoid distractions and to enjoy and share time taking care of themselves.
If you’re looking for a luxurious SPA for you and your beloved we can help you: we have packages specially designed for the two of you.

Romantic Cooking Class

Are you looking for an unique date? Instead of sticking with the usual romantic dinner for date night, try out a cooking class in Matera. After all, cooking for each other is one of the most romantic things to do. Furthermore, you’ll learn to cook traditional food, taste local food and prepare for future date nights at home.

Romantic Walk

Sometimes there’s nothing better to do with your loved one than to explore the city’s hidden gems.
The stunning scenery of Sassi and Murgia could bring you closer together, while the silence of the night is perfect for a reflection on how in love you are.
Matera has everything you need to make a simple walking through Matera a romantic one.

Discovering Towns Close to Matera

Maybe you prefer an adventurous destination. If you are a lover of art, nature and food you will enjoy a tour around Matera, where you can spot churches or landscapes, and taste wine and local food.
Whatever your travel style, you will find what you like.

What are you waiting for?
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