Room with private swimming pool: a cool summer in the Sassi of Matera

In these hot days of summer, as every year, the weather experts give us useful suggestions for facing in the best way possible the high temperatures and for the extreme heat not to have bad repercussions on the travelers’ health.
As differently our best expertise is in the tourism, we cannot give you suggestions how to fight these burning days, but we can suggest you a good solution: a super “cool” stay at Palazzo Gattini in the room with a private swimming pool.

Exclusive solution

If you want that your stay in Matera is absolute exclusive and, above all, if you want to refresh and in the same time to take an enviable tan; if you want to relax meanwhile sipping a drink and admiring a breathtaking view, well then the Palazzo Gattini panoramic room with a private swimming pool is your perfect solution!
That special room offers all the comforts and details that define the highest quality of our hotel, and in addition you can find in it something that contributes to make our hotel unique in the world: a swimming pool all for you all along your stay at Palazzo Gattini.

Room with swimming pool, exclusivity, intimacy and relax

The swimming pool on the terrace of Palazzo Gattini is unique in the whole Sassi area and the historical center of Matera. There is no other room like that!
For living such a fantastic experience all you need to do is booking this special Palazzo Gattini room.
We put at your disposition a solution of luxury, taken care in each detail and that will guarantee you privacy, intimacy and the exclusiveness of your stay.
Spending a vacation that is totally very different from the ordinary is now possible! You have to do nothing but contacting us and booking your stay at Palazzo Gattini.