Special Events from Christmas 2018 to Matera European Capital of Culture 2019

The Matera Christmas festivities this year will have a special “taste” and they are waited with particular enthusiasm for the numerous events that they will bring, the Christmas atmosphere and the New Year's eve that will represent the turning point bringing us in 2019: the magic year for Matera, because it’s when Matera, the city carved into the rocks, will be European Capital of Culture.

Christmas 2018 – The program

The Christmas street markets: from November 22 - 25 it is scheduled the event "Matera, the city of Christmas 2018": Matera’s caves and the historical center will host the streets markets where you can find local food and wine products and the best of the local craftsmanship. The Tramontano Castle’s park will be turned into a rink for ice skating. Not to be missed the streets artists and their acrobatic performances.
So Christmas 2018 will be the best occasion to live a special atmosphere: the street markets of Matera will be the first in South Europe and they will have the same great importance of the historical street markets of Bolzen, Vienna, Rome, Strasburg.
From December 7 - January 6, several representations of the live Nativity will take place into the ancient neighborhoods of Matera: an event that has always attracted to Matera many tourists.
Finally on December 31st the New Year's eve show, live from the Italian national TV will be staged in Matera’s main square: the perfect occasion to live joyfully the end of the old year and cheering the new once!

Matera 2019 - The program

The Christmas festivities will directly lead us to the beginning of the New Year and to the inauguration of Matera European Capital of Culture.
On September 21st the official program for the celebration of Matera 2019 has been announced: it includes events from January 19th 2019 when the inauguration ceremony will take place up until December 19th of the same year.
The program, whose details we are still planning, includes more than 300 events: shows, theatrical performances, live music concerts, meetings, cultural events. It will be a very intense year to be lived with great participation.
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