The history of Palazzo Gattini

Our hotel in the past was a noble family building habited by one of the most important families in the city of Matera. After accurate restoration works, aimed to valorize its interiors and architectural elements, Palazzo Gattini has become a 5 stars hotel that offers to its guests any kind of comfort.
Have you ever wondered why our hotel is called Palazzo Gattini?
Palazzo Gattini once a noble family building habited by one of the most influential Matera families, after proper restoration works has been turned into a modern hotel just to welcome all those guests that want either visit Matera and live an extraordinary experience in the very heart of the historical center of the city.
The Palazzo Gattini architectural structure deserves to be accurately known because it leads us to different interesting aspects from the historical point of view and from artistic and architectural aspects.
So now we tell you the story of those who were the inhabitants of this building, those who have given the Palazzo the name “Gattini” and those who have woven their legendary family-tradition with Matera’s same history. That’s the famous Palazzo where now we welcome our guests!
As anticipated Palazzo Gattini was a Matera noble family residence. “Gattini” is a surname just belonging to the noble family that settled in Matera in the 15th Century. The Count Joseph Gattini, one of the most relevant personalities of the Gattini family was born in the Palazzo and his father Count Francis, during the revolutionary Garibaldini uprisings of the 1861 was dragged by the crowd out of the building and slaughtered in the streets of Matera.
Count Joseph Gattini lived with his numerous family inside the building up to 1917, year of his death. In the Palazzo Gattini room now turned into the hotel reception, the Count, his wife and his children spent their daily life being the Count devoted to his studies but also to the family domestic matters.
Count Joseph Gattini has been a very important historical personality: Mayor of Matera, provincial counselor of the Potenza jurisdiction and in the 1890 senator of the Italian Republic.
Symbol of the noble past of the Gattini building is the family coat of arms that represents a cat eating a snake under the frame of a big crown that represents a granted privilege to the Gattini surname related to Frederick II of Swabia. In the lower part of the coat of arm we read the family motto: "In Umbris Radiant."
If you are curious to know more details about our Palazzo and the Gattini family just come to visit us and book one of our rooms.

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