The new outfitting of the Archaeological Museum "Domenico Ridola"

The National Archaeological Museum “Domenico Ridola” is the right place where you can find the complete narration of Matera’s prehistory and history in all their aspects.
First in the Basilicata region, the museum was founded in 1911 and it collects the archaeological finds donated to the Italian State by the archaeologist Domenico Ridola.
You can find the museum in the eighteenth-century area of Matera and more precisely in Domenico Ridola street.
The archaeological finds kept in the museum belong to the excavations conducted in the Matera’s area by Domenico Ridola and by all the other archaeologists who have worked in the Ridola Museum during the years.

The new museum’s outfitting proposes archaeological materials and finds in chronological order: to those that belong to the original exhibit have been added other findings just to integrate and enrich the historical narration.
The renewal of the museum has also concerned a better graphical display of the explicative panels and of the photos portraying the archaeological areas of Matera. Thanks to this new outfitting now the visitors can have a better historical background of the whole archaeological history of Matera.

We recommend you to visit the Ridola Museum. It’s surely one of the best ways to know many interesting aspects of Matera and all the phases of its history from the first Neolithic settlement to the city as we know it today.