To the discovery of South Italy: peculiarities and luxury hotels

There are many ways to know Italy.
You can choose to focus your Italian vacation on different cities of art or you can decide to concentrate your trip just to one Italian region to discover all of its most characteristic aspects. You can also chose to visit only mountain villages or only beach towns or finally you can dedicate your travel time to the discovery of the Southern Italy. In this last case you will know not only all of its landscape and cultural aspects, but also its food and wine peculiarities that make South Italy so unique and sought after by foreign tourist and by the same Italians that choose to deepen, during their vacations, the knowledge of their own Country.

The South Italy regions: so close to each other and yet so different

It’s a very common trend to believe that the Southern Italy regions are all similar to each other and therefore they don’t have any peculiarity that makes them unique and worthy of a tourist trip.
But that believe is totally wrong! In fact not only there is difference between Campania, Puglia, Basilicata and Calabria, but we can also say that all the southern regions are very different from each other most of all for their own territorial and gastronomic peculiarities.
The traveler that wants to really know the South Italy’s land is really spoilt for choice when he has to decide from what aspect to begin and on what peculiarity to focus.
The possibilities of exploration are so many that your trip will become a unique experience.
The beaches of the Southern Italian coasts are beautiful and frequented not only by people who want to spend a few relaxing days at the seaside, but also by everyone who wants to perform watersports like scuba diving, surf and sailing.
Cities like Matera, Lecce, Naples are very vibrant and they offer a very rich calendar of events, artistic and cultural attractions; the small villages, both more and less known, hide scenic beauties and other peculiarities that in most cases surprise even the most experienced travelers.
Not to mention the food and wine aspects: every region and little villages, even the smallest ones, can offer culinary specialties unique in quality and flavor!

Partner Hotels: planning tours to South Italy

In the organization of tours in the South Italy we collaborate, on one side, with tour operators that take care of the tourist transfers, from the other, with hotels of certified quality that like us offer to all of our guests luxury structures and services.
We introduce our partner hotels that will welcome you with high professionalism and offering all the comforts you need:
  • Hotel Santa Caterina: a villa on the Amalfi coast; unique for its location and the specialty of its services;
  • Borgo Egnazia: an hotel totally surrounded by the Apulia countryside of Fasano, in the province of Brindisi and on the Adriatic coast;
  • Torre Maizza: a restructured masseria turned into a hotel located nearby the Adriatic coast;
  • Tenuta Furnirussi: a luxury resort in the area of Grecìa Salentina;
  • Palazzo Bozzi Corso: Luxury Hotel in the historical and cultural center of Lecce.
And then… there’s us: Palazzo Gattini ready to welcome you in the amazing city of Matera.
Just contact us to book your room in our hotel located in front of the Cathedral in the ancient heart of the city of Stones!