Visit Matera, Discovering Statues and Sculptures

When in a new city, one of the first things to do is search for the most important places and attractions to visit. But there are always great places or great art examples that you can’t find in any brochures, travel guides or blogs. Matera is full of sculptures and statues that decorate the city centre and the old town. Some of them are very important works of art, others attest the close relationship among the city and international artists, such as Kengiro Azuma.
If you want to see statues and sculptures you must know where to find them.

MUSMA and the Sculpture Exhibitions

Matera has a great feeling with the sculpture exhibitions. It comes from the “Great Exhibitions in the Sassi” managed by the cultural association “La Scaletta” and staged in the rocky churches Madonna delle Virtù e San Nicola dei Greci.
MUSMA is the Museum of Contemporary Sculpture of Matera, it collects the works of arts made by the artists involved in “La Scaletta” great exhibitions.

The Drop by Kengiro Azuma

“The Drop” (its real name is “MU 765 G”) by the japanese sculptor Kengiro Azumo is located in Piazzetta Pascoli, the little square facing the Museum of Medieval and Modern Art of Basilicata staged inside Palazzo Lanfranchi. Kengiro Azuma had a very intimate relationship with Matera. “The Drop” is a bronze sculpture and it is an homage to the relationship between Matera, the human beings that lived here and the water.

"The Fountain of Lovers"

Drawn by Enzo Viti and Teresa Lupo and made by Domenico Sepe, “The Fountain of Lovers” is located in the Sassi. It depicts a courtship scene set in the last century when people were living in the old neighborhoods of Matera.

"Gazes among Sassi"

Made by the sculptor Margherita Graselli and located in the Sasso Barisano, “Gazes among Sassi” depicts clay raku girls watching the landscape.

The Sculpture Park "La Palomba"

The Sculpture Park "La Palomba" was an initiative of the artist Antonio Paradiso, who created a permanent exhibition of his works in an exhausted tuff quarry. It is located within the Natural Archaeological Park of the Chiese Rupestri, an area where there are several tuff quarries.
If you love sculptures, you must visit it.

Take some notes and start planning your next trip to Matera.
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