RELAX, buy now - stay later

RELAX, many plus and no risk

Change or cancel your reservation and get 20% discount.

How RELAX rate works:
1. Book your stay on with promo code RELAX and get your 20% discount!

2. Cancel or edit and earn. We give you much more than a bank! You can change your travel date until one day prior the arrival. You will receive a promotional code.
3. Use the credit for a new booking: Book your stay for new date. The credit value is subtracted from the total. In case the new booking is more expensive, you only have to pay the difference. In case the new booking is less expensive, the difference can be used in the hotel.

Ex. The customer books the stay for an amount of € 500 at a price of € 400, thus obtaining a 20% discount.
Ex. Customer must cancel. Hotel issues vouchers worth € 500 valid for 18 months.
Ex. The customer books a stay worth 550 € by paying only the difference of 500 € (instead of 150€!).

Too difficult? No panic! You can book the same rate by:
-Telephone 0039(0)835334358

The RELAX rate is prepaid and non-refundable in cash

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