Shopping in Matera: Our Guide to Best Shopping Areas in Matera

Have you planned to visit Matera? Your holiday with friends taking you to the amazing city of Sassi?
You are in for a real treat when it comes to Matera shopping. It’s not only a really nice city for visiting but a great one for shopping with its shopping areas, specialty stores and clothing styles.

Stores With a Tradition of Decades and Craftsman’s Shops

For first-time Matera visitors, in the old town of Matera and in its adjacent streets you’ll find clothes, accessories and souvenir shops.
There are different shops for different types of public that bring something unique to the fashion table.
There are stores with a long tradition, high-end boutiques, fashionable clothes shops, lively shopping corners, craftsman’s shops.

Where to Go Shopping in Matera

If you are planning to renew your wardrobe, if you want to buy some clothes, you have a wide range of options for all different types of tastes in clothes and accessories, from more classic cuts, to authentic vintage outfits.
One of the liveliest areas in Matera is between Piazza del Sedile and the adjacent Via delle Beccherie, there are clothes shops and fashion boutiques for women and men.
Via del Corso is one of the busiest areas of the city, in this street you will find clothes, accessories and souvenir shops.
Via Lucana and Via Nazionale are probably the most famous shopping streets in Matera. Here, you’ll be able to find the most popular shops and boutiques. We suggest you take a walk discovering them.
Furthermore, Matera offers a diverse, quality, shopping experience that celebrates independent producers and makers, and presents a unique selection of jewellery, ceramics and other products.
But more than that, it’s about people and place; meeting the makers, conversations with friends and embedding the social back into shopping.

Shopping and Tourism

No tourism experience is complete without doing a spot of shopping.
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Photo credits: Visit Matera