Our friends

Since Palazzo Gattini Luxury Hotel has opened its doors to the public in its new structure of accommodation, there were so many people who visited us, who slept in our rooms, who chose to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of these environments.

Between these:
the actress Sharon Stone; the actor Morgan Freeman; former President Giorgio Napolitano; Dalai Lama; Steven Tyler, singer of the Aerosmith; the entrepreneur Santo Versace; Burt Bacharach, Singer; Pachauri, Peace Nobel Prize; Betty Williams, Peace Nobel Prize; the actor Alessandro Preziosi; the writer Margaret Mazzantini; the actor Sergio Castellitto; the singer Raf; the singer Fiordaliso; the writer and actress Marina Ripa Di Meana; the actor Luca De Filippo; the actress Carolina Rosi; the politician Pier Ferdinando Casini; the footbal player Giovanni Rivera; the swimmer Valerio Cleri; the athlete Donato Fabrizio; the actress Barbara Bouchet; the songwriter Franco Battiato; the politician Massimo Cacciari; Gianni Pittella, politician; the artist Daniela Fuciarelli; the designer Donatella Girombelli, aka Genny; the comedian Giuseppe Grillo; Cesare Prandelli, former coach of the Italian Football Team; Gilles Dorfles, art critic; the singer Gianni Morandi; Massimo Moratti; the writer Gianfelice Facchetti; Giancarlo Abete, FIGC chairman; the actor Lorenzo Flaherty.

Enjoy the swimming pool

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