Autumn in Matera: a season of slight colors and special events

The autumn is a season that is usually associated to feelings of melancholy probably because it represents the prelude to the winter that leads us towards cold and dark days but autumn can be also a season of beginnings for new projects and plans that we held during the summer.

Matera during the autumn season has a very particular charm and the pleasant and mild climate allows everybody to enjoy the visit of Matera whose autumnal colors seam to “dress” the city with its best atmosphere and to perfectly depict the historical center of the “Sassi” and the “Murgia”.

This year autumn in Matera is being characterized by the release in the cinemas of the film Ben Hur that is the remake of the original one, and that has been partially filmed right in the spectacular location of Matera “Sassi” and “Murgia” . This event will bring a great enthusiasm to the city’s life.

Autumn is also that season of the year when the calendar of Matera’s cultural events is filled and enriched with many new interesting dates not to be missed:

The Wednesday Cine-club ( cinema exhibition of films in second run.

The Scene Lucana ( /): theatre shows by the Basilicata performing-arts companies.

The Jazz events: Gezziamoci 2016 ( and many other music events taking place in Matera’s pubs and bars.

The exhibit of Pietro Guida’s sculptures (;

The cultural performances at the Museum of Modern Sculpture: MUSMA ( and many other interesting events that every tourist can enjoy during a walking in the historical center of Matera.

So If you just want to visit Matera the city of “Sassi” and if you want really to see how the Nature “dresses” Matera with its special colors then the best time for you to come to visit us is Autumn with its unique and slight colors, scents and events.

The Palazzo Gattini staff is ready and pleased to welcome you!

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