Experience an elegant and green stay at Palazzo Gattini

We can say that Palazzo Gattini is an amazing and green hotel!
Everyday we make continuous sustainability efforts and offer green facilities. Not only will you stay in a luxury and unique hotel but you will also experience a stay in a sustainable hotel.

Nowadays environmental sustainability is an important and discussed topic. On one hand we are aware that our planet is in danger and on the other hand we know that invasive species, diseases, pollution, and the warming climate need our engagement.
Moreover, we think we can tackle climate change and environmental threats from the inside by changing our daily bad habits.
Consequently we had made important environmental improvements to Palazzo Gattini in order to minimize its impact on the natural environment.
We really want to give our contribution to save our planet!

Waste recycling

Hotels immensely contribute to the generation of waste, so we are focused on reducing it, reusing useful materials and recycling them. Indeed, recycling is a key to modern waste reduction. We are very proud of our waste management practices.

Glass water bottles

Definitely, we avoid the single-use plastic bottles. Being a sustainability-minded hotel, we are focusing plastic-reduction efforts on reusable glass bottles. Glass bottles are available to guests as well as meetings attendees, our aim is to offer them a sustainable option for fresh water.

Reducing paper usage

Going green, we took simple steps to reduce our paper consumption. We know that basic information technology practices can help play a part in becoming environmentally responsible, consequently we encourage employees and guests to use documents in electronic form.

Roof Garden

Pesticides have negative effects on the environment, so we garden our roof garden without them. We use eco-friendly methods and practice organic gardening that will greatly save our planet.

Sustainable mobility

One of the greatest environmental challenges we face today lies in mobility. Consequently we chose sustainability and bought an electric minivan. We offer sustainable shuttle services to welcome car-free travellers. Furthermore, we drive our electric minivan bearing in mind the need to protect the landscape of Matera and its Old Town.

Seasonal menu

Our posh “Le Bubbole” is an eco-friendly restaurant and uses local and seasonal food. Furthermore our breakfasts are rich, healthy and varies from season to season because we only want to offer seasonal products.

Shampoo and bath soap dispensers

Looking to cut plastic out of our hotel, we will finally ban mini plastic toiletries. We bought shampoo and bath soap dispensers and we will switch to them as soon as possible. We know lots of guests love collecting bottles and plastic toiletries, but plastics are dumped in landfill each year. So we chose a better and sustainable practice.

We think that all we di is good but not enough and everyday we make the effort to do something more.
Choose a sustainable accommodation at Palazzo Gattini: reserve your room!

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