How to customize your stay in Matera: Palazzo Gattini offers

If you want to make of a simple vacation an unforgettable vacation you must:
  • ✓ choose a beautiful, pleasant and vivacious city;
  • ✓ find a high quality hotel that makes comfortable your stay;
  • ✓ plan in every detail your vacation, choosing tailor made activities and services specifically designed for you to live unique experiences and to furtherly explore the place that you are visiting.
Palazzo Gattini is a combination of these 3 aspects:
  • ✓ its location is in Matera;
  • ✓ it puts at your disposal all the necessary comforts to your permanence;
  • ✓ it gives you the possibility of booking additional services to personalize your vacation in Matera, city of the Stones.

The Palazzo Gattini ancillary services

We have defined a partnership with other tourist services’ providers, which we selected very carefully, that will help you to deepen the knowledge of some aspects of our city and Region that can be discovered only thanks to experienced professionals that combine ability and knowledges with the passion for their activity and for their country.
Our offer includes 5 different types of activities and services, each of whom costs € 50,00 per person.

Matera walking tour

There are different ways to visit the Stones and the historical center of Matera. One of these is a walking guided tour. The tour guides that we choose for you are all authorized professionals and following them you will discover the fascinating history of the city; you will visit the important historical and cultural places and also you will hear anecdotes and curiosities about the city that only a local inhabitant knows and reveals just to you.
A walking tour is also the most immediate way to get in touch with the “soul” of the city discovering its details through the sounds and the flavors that pervades the most popular places of Matera.

Matera by Tuck Tuck

Another way to visit Matera is to get across the city on board of a small three wheels named “Ape Calessino”. The urban conformation of Matera’s ancient districts and the historical center are the perfect places where small and typical vehicles can ride giving you a full immersion in the city. Besides, the driver of the Tuck Tuck meanwhile driving you through the most characteristic roads and alleys of Matera, he will also show you the highlights of Matera, explaining the history of the Stones, passing by the main tourist attractions.

Dinner at our restaurant "Le Bubbole"

Another way to deeply know a place is to taste its local flavors, dishes and wines. Getting a reservation at our restaurant “Le Bubbole" you can taste in five courses the very best of the local products.
The menu changes according to the seasonal variety of local products, it combines different tastes and offers also the best revisited dishes of our Region Basilicata’s culinary tradition.

Massages and wellness path in our SPA

If you want that your stay at Palazzo Gattini becomes also a good occasion for you to rest and relax, then inside our Palazzo you find a very cozy area totally dedicated to wellness, to the care of your body and to a special SPA path.
If your desire is to start your vacation in Matera with a relaxing massage or you simply want to take a special care of yourself at the end of a day spent to discovering Matera and its wonders, then you can book a massage and a wellness path at our SPA.

Bari Airport Transfer (from and to)

Bari, the Apulia chief town, is the closest airport to Matera and it’s also the most comfortable and fast way to reach the city of Stones. By booking this transfer service you will find a car / van waiting for you at the airport and driving you directly to Palazzo Gattini.
You can also book the transfer from our hotel to the airport so that you can enjoy your stay in Matera until the last minute without being forced to arrive to the airport very long before your flight’s departure.

Prices and terms of reservation and conclusion

Each of the above mentioned services has a cost of € 50,00 per person and you can book one or more of them before your arrival to Matera or even during your stay in our Palazzo. You can choose the activity and the service that you prefer and that can make you to furtherly explore Matera and its surroundings
The staff of Palazzo Gattini is always at your disposal: just contact us to know all the details about our tourist hospitality offer.

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