Palazzo Gattini reviewed on The Telegraph

What mostly impresses our guests, above all if they are foreigners and if they are visiting for the first time the city of Matera, is the particularly stunning environmental and urbanistic context in which Palazzo Gattini is located.

The historicity of our Palazzo and the fact that its restoration has preserved the original architectural and artistic elements belonging to the most typical traditions of the past, this makes our guests curious to visit our Palazzo just to experience, booking our rooms, how one of the most powerful noble family of the past the Gattinis had lived right here almost two centuries ago.
All these aspects have been underlined in the article that Kate Bolton who sojourned in our Hotel, The Telegraph – section of trips and the tourist destinations.

In this way, through the words of Mrs. Bolton who has directly known our Palazzo and enjoyed our Palazzo all the readers will be curious to visit our Palazzo and to get as soon as possible in contact with us in order to know more details about the Palazzo, our offers and finally to book an unforgettable vacation at Palazzo Gattini.
If you want to find out what our English friends say about us you don't have to do anything else but reading what they wrote about us!

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