Restaurant "Le Bubbole": new opening

We are very happy to announce the reopening of our restaurant with a fresh starting and a new name: “Le Bubbole”.

We believe that in order to really know a place everybody must also know its culinary products and its local food tastes, that’s why we are pretty sure that a culinary experiences will enrich your stay in the city of Sassi and will make it absolutely more “savoury”!

The restaurant "Le Bubbole" offers a variety of the dishes typical to the culinary tradition of Basilicata with some innovative receipts of a high quality menu that will satisfy all of your tastes and culinary curiosities.

Our expert chef prepare also gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan receipts and particular menu thought just for our younger guests.

It will be possible to dine inside the elegant and cosy restaurant and also on our terrace with a fabulous view! We suggest you to book at least with 48 hours of advance.

So do not hesitate! Come to try our new restaurant "Le Bubbole".

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