Visit Matera and Escape to the Ionic Coast for a Beach Holidays

It’s summer and it’s time for sea, sun and beach!
Nothing is more relaxing than a holiday visiting an astonishing city such as Matera and having a coastal escape by the sea. You don’t need to travel miles and spend all day in the car to get a view of the sea. There are plenty of seaside towns on the Ionic coast with lovely beaches just a stone's throw away.
So, a day out to the beach is a real and appealing prospect.
It is good to get out of Matera every now and then to explore new places, with our selection of seaside towns, you’re sure to find a perfect golden beach or a beautiful coast path. On the Basilicata coast side there are very nice places such as Metaponto, Scanzano, Policoro, on the Apulia coast side there are Ginosa, Castellaneta Marina or the nice places close to Taranto. They're all wonderfully set up to welcome weary visitors looking for a relaxing beach day trip.
Furthermore, all of these towns were part of Magna Grecia and this area is a very important archeological area with museums, sites and finds.

The Best Ionic Beaches for a Seaside Day Trip

There are plenty of stunning beaches within less than one hour of Matera, so grab your flip flops for a day trip to one of these beauties.
The sweeping Ionic coastline is peppered with cool and great beaches. Don’t be fooled by the small stature of these coastal retreats - they’re packed with plenty of things to do, see, eat, drink and explore.
Whether you’re looking for a fun family holiday or a romantic break for two, Ionic beaches are fully equipped with everything you’ll need.
We suggest you these amazing beaches: Explore our suggestions for coastal beaches and places and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul with a holiday in Matera and by the sea.
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